Woodlands Test Prep is actively monitoring the COVID-19 crisis.  For the safety of our students and our employees, we have made several changes to our practices.  For the latest information on Woodlands Test Prep policy, click here.

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It's a “drop in” style live video test prep question forum with all three of us: Russell, Will, and Susan!


Our next session will be Wednesday, April 22nd from 2pm - 4pm (central time).  Students can “stop by” to get one or a dozen questions answered.  They can join when they like and leave when they like. We hope your students are taking advantage of this extra time to really focus on either the SAT or ACT!


  • Need to know how to work #19 on the No Calculator section of SAT Practice Test #6?

       We can help!


  • Need to know what to do when you're running out of time on the Reading section of either the ACT or SAT? (Hint: It's not necessarily the same answer for each test!)

        We can help!


  • Need to know how to master punctuation questions on either the SAT Writing or ACT English sections?

         We can help!  We even have a flowchart for that!


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